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75% of waste in the US is recyclable, but we only recycle around 30%. Are there any ways to improve recycling in America?

Even if you already have a great recycling system at home, there may be more that you can do. Additional recycling can cut down on manufacturing, reduce landfill use, and help decrease pollution.

Are you ready to take your home recycling up a notch? If so, read to learn five ways to improve—some of these solutions for recycling may surprise you!

1. One of the Best Ways to Improve Recycling Is Recycling Electronics

Most of us are aware of how to recycle food packaging, cardboard, and glass, but are you recycling your old electronics?

E-waste products like old phones, computers, and appliances can pollute our waterways and environment.

Plus, Electronics Recycling reduces mining, as the heavy metals used in electronics can be repurposed into new devices.

2. Can You Reuse Before You Recycle?

If you want to improve recycling, can you give your items a second, third, or fourth life before recycling?

Reusing items is a top way to help the environment. For example, can you use glass jars or bottles for storing homemade jam? Or use them in an art project?

Get creative and try to think about how you can extend the life of your items before they go into the recycling bin.

3. Flatten Items First

How to increase recycling space? If you’re not already doing it, flatten all items before recycling them.

Breaking down cardboard like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or shipping materials means they take up less space. This is helpful for homes with limited storage space, but also benefits the recycling company, as it makes things easier for them,

4. Wash All Items Before Recycling

Try to rinse and dry your food packaging before recycling. This removes food residue, which can get rancid and can spread over other recycling items.

Clean, dry items are easier to sort at the recycling plant, ensuring items are taken to the right place. If items are filthy or hard to identify, they may get placed in a landfill.

It doesn’t need to be sparkling clean, but try to remove food residue and rinse before popping it in the recycling bin.

5. Are You Recycling Your Water?

Are you always looking for new ways to recycle? If so, make sure you are thinking about your home’s water supply, not just cardboard and plastics.

Place a bucket in your shower or collect rainwater outdoors to use as water for watering your plants and gardening. There are many ways to not just reduce water consumption, but also recycle the water we’re already using.

Improve Your Recycling Today

Now that you know a few ways to improve recycling, how will you improve your home recycling habits?

With a few easy and quick changes, we can all increase the number of items we recycle. Are you ready to do your part to help the planet? If so, try to incorporate some of the above steps into your routine.

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