6 Tips to Write a Brilliant College Application Essay

College Application Essay
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Application may become a nightmare for those without strong writing skills as much depends on the content you’ll boil down to the required 500 words. This stage of the application process is critical as hundreds of students may have a brilliant GPA and pass tests with flying colors. Yet, only a tiny percentage of contenders will get to college, and this is how the admission commission will choose them – by looking at who you are. The easiest way to understand this is by making you write something creative and self-expressive, which is a College Application Essay.

To help you out in the process of application essay writing, experts from assignment service called Assignment Partner have prepared a list of six key strategies to use. Following them will surely make your application text look way better and reflect your true personality. Let’s go!

#1 Write about You and Your Interests

Whenever you need to write an application essay, just keep in mind that it is not a usual essay. Otherwise, how would the college committee use this small piece of text to determine who deserves a spot in their institution? Application essays serve several purposes, including:

  • Testing your writing competency (that’s probably the easiest part)
  • Evaluating your ability to follow instructions
  • Learning more about you as a personality and a potential fit for the college.

So, it would help if you started working on the application essay with these three primary goals in mind. If your essay topic is, for instance, about your pet, it’s no good simply to tell that you have a dog named Amy and how much you love it. More probably, the prompt is meant to check your broader values and respect for animals, how you approach your bond with a beloved pet, how you treat that pet, and what role you see for that pet in the formation of your life values, responsibility, and attachment. The second variant would be a story about you through the prism of your pet-owner relationship. A much more exciting text for the committee, isn’t it?

#2 Your Life Is Interesting

Many students fall into despair when trying to figure out some interesting content for an application essay. Authors that can write my essay for me point out that it is natural for many people to think that their life is boring, and there is nothing interesting for an excellent application essay. But telling lies or tweaking a life situation only to have your essay look better is not the best variant. The truth will probably be revealed, or you will not be able to talk about fictional things as truthfully as you would about actual events.

A great idea is to review family archives and albums with photos, to talk to your friends and family members, and to try to acquire an outsider’s perspective on your life and character. You’ll be amazed to learn what things people value in you and what funny events occurred to you in the past. As we live our lives and get used to routines, it becomes much harder to recollect these happy, funny, sad, or life-changing moments. But a series of interviews with your close network can reveal truly unique things about who you are.

#3 Give Juicy Details

A workable approach in composing a lively, engaging application essay is to add descriptive details. It’s too plain to say, “I saw a drowning puppy during my walk to school one day.” A much better presentation would describe the atmosphere and let the reader in to your memories as a participant. Something like, “On that early Monday morning, full of scents of peaches in blossom, I was totally occupied with today’s math test on my way to school. The sun was shining brightly, and the aromas of spring were too appealing to think about exams or anything negative. Yet, when I heard the splashes to the right, I quickly understood that the day was not as fortunate for somebody else and quickly rushed to the bank of the river to check.”

Asking an expert “write my essay for me, please” is always easier than writing by yourself. Experts note that you should talk about some truthful fact or event to produce a joyful experience for the reader. It’s much harder to invent realistic, attention-grabbing details for something that never happened, and the committee is likely to feel the artificial literary tone.

#4 Proofread the Entire Text

Coming back to the basics, you should keep in mind that your writing skill is also the subject of the committee’s attention. So, by simply throwing something at them and hoping for the best, you’ll hardly secure a college spot for yourself. Be sure to check the text you have written, both manually and with advanced grammar tools, to eradicate any possibility of stupid, shameful errors. These typos or grammar flaws can reduce your grade, even if the content is outstanding.

#5 Check Your Essay for Compliance

Next, it is critical to double-check whether your essay fits the college prompt and requirements. If they say the essay should be 500 words, there is no use sending them a 2,000-word research paper. They won’t read anything that deviates from the designated word count by more than 10%. It is OK to make an essay 450-550 words, but not less and not more than that.

The same goes for the font and referencing. Check all requirements and format the essay meticulously to show to the committee that you are attentive to detail and diligent in assignment completion. 

#6 Ask for Feedback

Last but not least is the tip about getting a second pair of eyes to check your text. Your brainchild may be too precious for you to cut some parts, even if they are off-topic and redundant. A detached reviewer can take a more objective look at your text, pointing at some weaknesses and improvement areas.

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