Alkaline Net Worth 2023

Alkaline Net Worth
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Alkaline is a Jamaican rapper and Reggae performer who has a net worth of $1 Million. He is presumably most popular for becoming one of Dancehall’s rising stars, with melodies like “Church People”, “Fleek”, “Block and Erase”, and “Beautiful Young lady Group”.

Alkaline came to the spotlight in 2014 and from that point forward he has delivered various hit singles which acquired him further acknowledgment in the business. He secured himself as one of the lead performers in the Jamaican rap local area.

What is Alkaline Net Worth?

Early Life

Earlan Bartley otherwise known as Alkaline was brought into the world on December nineteenth, 1993, in Kingston, Jamaica. He appeared on the scene at the Victoria Celebration Emergency clinic. He learned at Ardenne Secondary School and growing up he enjoyed playing computer games, fishing, and style.

Since early on, Earlan’s primary energy was music. He was a creative youngster and initially started recording verses when he was only 14 years of age. While going to secondary school, he was at that point standing out from his friends for his crude melodic ability.

At 16 years old, Alkaline was raising a ruckus around town studio and starting to create music. He graduated in 2011 and proceeded to procure a News-casting, Media, and Correspondence degree at the College of the West Indies.


Alkaline delivered his presentation single “Stroll With You” with the music video on YouTube divert in June 2011. He made his channel called “Alkaline Music” back in 2009. From that point, he chose to keep on seeking after both music and concentrates simultaneously.

In 2013, Alkaline dropped tunes “In excess of A Companion”, ‘Prepared”, and “Church People”. In the next year, he apparently delivered 15 singles alone. That very year, he was named the “21st Hapilos Breakout Craftsman of the Year”.

Forward leap

In 2015, Alkaline’s productive music creation went on with tracks like “ATM” and “Fleek”. Then, at that point, he sent off his presentation collection in Walk 2016 named “New Level Opened” under DJ Frass Records. The collection bested the Board Reggae Collection Diagrams in April of that year.

Later in December 2019, Alkaline dropped the single “With the Thing” which was highlighted in the “Fabulous Robbery Auto V” computer game. Then in May 2021, his subsequent collection “Top Award” came out highlighting the lead single “Sea Wave”. The collection became effective, topping at #2 on Bulletin’s Reggae Collections Outlines as well as procuring him a put at #37 Arising Specialists on Board.

Different Endeavors

In November 2016, he was likewise highlighted on the remix of Shaggy’s single “That Affection”. 2016, Alkaline visited the UK yet the visit had various dropped shows due to security issues.

In any case, this didn’t prevent him from being named for a MOBO Grant for Best Reggae Act, and making Bulletin’s Main 10 rundown for Best Reggae Collections in 2016.

Beyond music, Alkaline got to deal with another task his “Quarrel” requests clothing line which sent off in 2017. In spite of this, the artist immediately acquired prevalence in the wake of sending off his own show called “New Principles Celebration” in Walk 2017.

Profession Features

  • On Fleek (Love Yuh Everything) (Tune, 2015)
  • Ride on Me (Remix) (Tune, 2015)
  • New Level Opened (Introduction collection, 2016)
  • Block and Erase (Single, 2016)
  • New Guidelines (Celebration, 2017)
  • Top Award (Second collection, 2021)
  • 2016 MOBO Grant, Best Reggae Act _ Assignment

Alkaline Net Worth

Alkaline experienced childhood in Kingston, Jamaica, as an imaginative and creative kid. He was constantly intrigued by music and it was during secondary school that he started to perform for his companions during noon. His companions urged him to turn into a Dancehall craftsman.

Alkaline began raising a ruckus around town studio by the age of 16 years of age. He first procured progress in quite a while home nation and afterward started standing out in the American and UK music industry too. Starting around 2023, Alkaline net worth is assessed to be $1 Million.

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