Read Time:7 Minute, 36 Second Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos were first linked romantically in 2019 and got engaged in May 2023

Jeff Bezos and reporter Lauren Sánchez opened up to the world about their relationship in 2019 after Bezos declared his separation from spouse of 25 years, MacKenzie. The pair got participated in May 2023.

Toward the beginning of their relationship, the previous Great Day LA co-have was likewise separating from her better half of 13 years, Patrick Whitesell, quite possibly of Hollywood’s most remarkable specialist.

A source told PEOPLE Sánchez and Bezos had been getting to know each other in the months paving the way to the separation.

In the years since the news broke, their relationship has kept on developing, with the couple going on family travels together, supporting for environmental change and pressing on the PDA.

They’re especially centered around their demonstrations of magnanimity as a team. “You can see and hear their fervor when they meet with accomplices on the environment, training, and vagrancy work,” a source told PEOPLE.

Sánchez likewise appears to share Bezos’ advantage in space. During a November 2022 meeting with CNN, she talked about plans to send off into space in 2023. She made sense of that she won’t launch with Bezos yet will rather join a team of ladies.

Anyway, who is Jeff Bezos’ life partner? Here’s beginning and end to be aware of Lauren Sánchez and her relationship with the Amazon organizer.

She was well disposed with Bezos before

Sánchez and her ex, Whitesell, were captured with Bezos in 2016 at a vacation party for Manchester by the Ocean. The film was created by Matt Damon (one of Whitesell’s clients) and appropriated by Bezos’ Amazon.

Whitesell knew the connection among Bezos and Sánchez had turned heartfelt.

“Patrick and Lauren have been here and there for some time and have been isolated. [Patrick] realized they were seeing one another,” an insider tells PEOPLE.

She’s accustomed to blending with the stars

Sánchez and Bezos are much of the time seen eating out with Hollywood’s tip top.

In July 2022, the two dined with Tom Journey at London’s select The 22. They were likewise spotted at superstar area of interest Nobu in Malibu and high-profile occasions like Wimbledon’s men’s conclusive.

At the point when Bezos got back from his space trip in 2021, Sánchez arranged an enormous party to commend his achievement.

“Those approaching are close loved ones (Jeff’s sibling was likewise on the rocket), including the couple’s all’s youngsters,” a source told PEOPLE at that point.

Sánchez had a long vocation in TV

Los Angeles television crowds may be know all about Sánchez through her work as a previous co-have on Fox’s Great Day LA from 2011 to 2017. She has likewise showed up on Extra as a diversion journalist.

In 2005, Sánchez turned into the first host of the moving contest series So You Want to Move, however passed on the show after one season to have her subsequent kid. She has likewise showed up as a visitor co-have on The View.

The mother of three has additionally highlighted in movies, for example, The Longest Yard, The Day After Tomorrow, Battle Club and Ted 2.

She’s a pilot who presently flies helicopters for films

On top of being a commentator and mother, Sánchez likewise has practical experience in flying recording and filled in as an expert on Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, as per The Hollywood Correspondent.

“I had my work, I had a vocation, and afterward I tracked down a calling,” she told the distribution. “I cherished diversion and I adored shooting, thus I got to consolidate every last bit of it.”

She acquired her helicopter pilot’s permit in June 2016 and made Dark Operations Avionics, an elevated film and creation organization.

Sánchez told THR she routinely flies with her children. “I need to be in a helicopter constantly,” she said. “Life can be so tumultuous with so much going on. Lift off and you’re in an energy space that no other person is in. It’s quieting. At the point when I’m up there, I’m totally fulfilled. I’m like, ‘This is where I should be.'”

The pilot was likewise employed to film airborne shots for Bezos’ organization Blue Beginning, as per Page Six.

She as of late filled in as an aeronautical maker in Catherine Hardwicke’s impending Miss Bala featuring Gina Rodriguez.

She believes the world should see Bezos the manner in which she does

Sánchez shared a recognition for Bezos on her virtual entertainment stages for his 58th birthday celebration, saying, “Assuming that I had one wish for you on this 58th time around the sun, it would be that the world will see you through my eyes.”

She added that while a great many people know him for his brightness, she sees his heart. “They don’t see the one who sets everything to the side to help a wiped out companion, yet my eyes do. Don’t see the one who gets up early each day to make breakfast for the children so they can giggle and discuss life and science and how to make this world a superior spot — my eyes do. They don’t see the one who maintains that everybody should feel bliss, who’s heart is immense and who’s capacity to adore is boundless. My eyes see this,” she composed.

In a WSJ. Magazine interview distributed on Jan. 25, 2023, Sánchez talked about the side of Bezos the vast majority don’t get to see. “He’s truly interesting,” she said, adding, “He makes me chuckle constantly. He can be ridiculous.”

Sánchez likewise said the extremely rich person enjoys an exceptionally particular chuckle, making sense of, “In the event that I’m at a party and we get isolated, i should simply stand by a second and he snickers and it’s like, he’s around there.”

She’s energetic about environmental change

Lauren Sánchez and Bezos met with Sovereign Charles in 2021 to examine battling environmental change.

She shared some photographs of the couple with Sovereign Charles notwithstanding one of Bezos alone. “I snapped this photograph during a concise walk,” she composed, saying it was “a sign of how the normal world is so dazzling and lovely, and that we should do our part to safeguard it.”

In 2022 she likewise ventured out with Bezos to Colombia’s Chiribiquete Public Park to find out about nearby deforestation considering work attempted by the Bezos Earth Asset to help preservation bunches nearby.

She had an alternate name in school

Sánchez went to El Camino School in Torrance, California in the mid 1990s where she composed for the school paper. As indicated by her institute of matriculation’s site, at the time she was known as Wendy Sánchez.

Her sibling sued Bezos

While Lauren Sánchez hushes up about her own life, court records show her more established sibling, ability supervisor Michael Sánchez, sued Bezos and an expert of his for guaranteeing to the press that he had released “realistic, naked photos” of Bezos.

The cases came in light of a story by The Public Enquirer that common individual instant messages among Sánchez and Bezos, outing their relationship.

Michael Sánchez asserted the aftermath from Bezos’ remarks had the outcome of “estranging him from his family and expert partners” and that he was just working with the Enquirer to control the story for his sister, not to release lecherous photographs.

However, Sánchez claims her more seasoned sibling was off base. “He furtively gave my most private data to the Public Enquirer – a profound and reprehensible treachery. My family is harming over this new outlandish and false claim, and we genuinely trust my sibling discovers a lasting sense of reconciliation,” she said in a proclamation through her legal counselor.

Lauren Sánchez goes with Bezos

While Bezos is notable for going to space, he and Sánchez have partaken in a lot of less cosmic outings together, including a December 2021 excursion to St. Barts and a May 2023 yachting excursion in Mallorca.

She got connected with to Bezos in May 2023

Four years after they freely began dating, Bezos proposed to Sánchez, a source affirmed to PEOPLE.

The two were spotted an extended get-away together in the South of France and were partaking in their experience on the tycoon’s $500 million yacht where Sánchez was spotted with a ring on her finger. The yacht includes a model of Sánchez on the head that incorporates the image for Koru, which represents fresh starts and positive change in another period of life.

“Her companions are excited Jeff at last asked about getting married,” a source told PEOPLE. “They have been discussing it for quite a while. Every last bit of her companions say this is her little glimpse of heaven. She found the man she needs to use whatever might remain of her existence with and they felt all was good and well.”

The insider added: “He has all the cash on the planet and what was missing was somebody to impart it to and everyone on the two sides is extremely blissful.”

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