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During Christmas in Pakistan, people feel happy and excited. Families and friends gather to enjoy this special time together. They share joy and celebrate in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Even though people have different beliefs, everyone comes together to celebrate Christmas.

In Pakistan, Christmas is not only about having fun. It’s also a time for helping others. Many groups and kind people give food and gifts to those who don’t have much. Churches are decorated with lights and music, spreading messages of peace and joy to everyone.

Christmas reminds us to be loving and kind. It’s a time to think about making the world better for everyone. Let’s hope for a world where everyone can be happy and have what they need, not only in Pakistan but everywhere.

This Christmas in Pakistan shows that no matter where we’re from or what we believe, we all want peace and happiness. Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating. I hope this season brings you lots of happiness and kindness.

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