Read Time:4 Minute, 32 Second Digga D is a Britsh rapper who has a net worth of $3 Million. He rose to distinction subsequent to turning into an individual from the famous UK drills aggregate “1011”. In the wake of delivering a handful of music, the gathering was renamed as “CGM”. Digga turned into a cutting edge drill craftsman in his nation of origin of the UK.

He established himself as one of the most talented drill craftsmen in the English music industry. Digga is best recognized as one of the trailblazers of the UK drill who worked with a few high-profile specialists.

Digga D earned standard accomplishment in the wake of delivering his mixtapes “Double Tap Diaries” and “Made In The Pyrex”. Both of these activities garnered gigantic accomplishment by coming to #11 and # 3 on the UK Collections Outline, separately. In April 2022, he dropped his third mixtape “Noughty Essentially” which turned out to be much more effective.

What is Digga D Net Worth?

Early Life

Rhys Herbert otherwise known as Digga D was brought into the world on June 29th, 2000, in Ladbroke Woods, West London, England, UK. He grew up paying attention to dancehall tunes as well as Jamaican reggae. Thus, he developed an interest in music and by the age of 12, he was composing his verses.

His loved ones further encouraged him to seek after a lifelong in music. Despite the music, he additionally got himself wrapped up in road exercises that landed him some money alongside many inconveniences. At 8 years old, he was gotten with pot at school and was kicked out.


In the mid-2010s, Digga D formed his own aggregate the “1011” team alongside certain friends from a neighborhood youth club. The gathering was based at Ladbroke Woods, in West London. They gained some nearby underground buzz in 2016 with hit road songs of praise including “Play for the Agnostics”, “Reality”, and their advanced hit “No Snare”.

That later track specifically highlighted Digga’s one of a kind stream and led him to turn into the huge MC in the Ladbroke Woods group 1011. The tune “No Snare” was talented to such an extent that it grabbed the eye of administrator Bills. The supervisor immediately reached out to help Digga and 1011 land a solitary on the mixtape “Madness”.

Leap forward

The following advancement free-form was the single “Following Up?” which was released in November 2017. Later in May 2019, Digga released his mixtape “Double Tap Diaries”. It went on the diagram at the 11 spots on the UK Official collection graphs, turning into the main drill venture to arrive at those levels.

His mixtape “Double Tap Diaries” likewise contains a hit single “No Diet” which turned into a web sensation, topping at number 20 on the UK Singles Outline. Digga dropped one more hit single “Woi” in July 2020, it was viewed north of 24 million times and become one of the most significant drill singles of that year.

His second mixtape “Made in the Pyrex” was released in Feb 2021. This collection claimed the whole way to number 3 on the UK Collections Outline, supplanting his previous mixtape as the freshest most noteworthy positioning independent UK Drill collection of all time.

Different Endeavors

In April 2022, the rapper dropped another venture “Noughty Essentially” which wound up topping at number 1 on the UK Collections Outline. The visitor appearances came from any semblance of Hotboii, AJ Tracey, Free thinker Saber, and numerous others.

Upon his progress in music, Digga launched his record mark called “Dark Cash Records (BMR)” in September 2021. In the next month, he dropped his most memorable single “Remain Inside” under his record name. Additionally, the rapper founded his merchandise line store.

Individual Life

Digga D has been involved with the Instagram model, Mya Plants, beginning around 2021. These two made headlines in May of 2021 and from that point forward Digga gifted her costly things including a Tago Birkin pack.

Before bunch 1011 would procure more achievement, Digga and four different individuals from the gathering were arrested toward the end of that year. Digga and different individuals from the 1011 team were convicted of trick to commit savage disorder.

They were stopped and searched by police on the city roads while conveying sluggers. The individuals from the group claimed that they were headed to film another music video however the officials believed they were anticipating going after an opponent team. In 2018 Digga was released from prison subsequent to spending a short period behind the bars.

Career Highlights

  • Next Up? (Song, 2017)
  • No Diet (Song, 2019)
  • Woi (Song, 2020)
  • Double Tap Diaries (Mixtape, 2019)
  • Made in the Pyrex (Mixtape, 2021)
  • Noughty by Nature (Mixtape, 2022)
  • 2022 Broadcast Awards, Best Multichannel Programme _ Won

Digga D Net Worth

Digga D is a notable craftsman in the industry who found himself in issues all through his vocation. In 2018 he was released from jail. Before long, “No Diet” a lead single from his debut mixtape “Double Tap Diaries” peaked at number 20 on the UK Graphs.

Digga chiefly procures from delivering hit singles, and collections, performing on live shows, coordinated efforts with different specialists, and so forth. His YouTube channel and merchandise line is a major supporter of his riches. Also, he likewise makes a handsome fortune from his record mark. Starting around 2023, Digga D net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

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