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Abigail Shpiro
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Everyone in the world is blessed with His blessings. Some are externally and others internally. Its one’s responsibility to recognize the beauty, one is blessed with. Do you remember who Ben Shapiro’s sister is? Do you know an outshining and tuneful voice Abigail Shapiro as a Soprano? Let’s have a deep look about her personality and work.


    Have you ever listened a live radio show, “The Ben Shapiro Show?” Ben Shapiro started as a skilled violinist while he was 12 in an Israel Bonds Banquet during 1996. He is one of the youngest columnists who started writing for Creators Syndicate, Newsweek and Ami Magazine at the age of 17. His full name is Benjamin Aaron Shapiro. His father, David Shapiro, was a poet.  

        Abigal Shapiro outshines as an Opera Singer is his real sister. She has two sisters, one of these plays cello and the rest plays piano. But, Abigail Shapiro is the talented one among her family. She learnt from her father, mother and of course her brother, Ben Shapiro.

        Well, as far as Abigail Shapiro’s biography is concerned, let me share facts about that. She was born in Los Angeles, California on 8 November 1992. She belonged to a well-off Jewish family in California. Her parents are classical artists. As far as her mother’s personality is concerned, she was working in entertainment business as an executive producer. Undoubtedly, the family is bless with artistic skills. She was brought up with orthodox beliefs. Believes and follows Judaism.

She has gained recognition by some other names like: Abby Shapiro, Abby Roth, Classically Abby. Her qualification is 3 year course in classical singing and opera.  She sang two opera songs in 2014 and Ben Shapiro’s sister, in 2017, as a meme, she became a minor celebrity. Her father posted these two songs and she got viral.


        Ben Shapiro’s sister, Abigail Shapiro went to Jewish schools. After formal education, she attended music degree at the university. She got her training in Master Degree in opera singing at Manhattan School of Music. She secured her Bachelor Degree in music from Thornton School of music at University of Southern California.


        It was October 2017, when Ben Shapiro’s YouTube channel flooded with anti-Semitic comments and misogynist masseges. She did not make any wrong but it was due to her brother, Ben Shapiro’s views about social, political and cultural issues. Abigail was targeted. Even at one time, she suspended her channel but later she decided to go live and replied to all as:- “Now that they know who I am, I’m going to be living with these kinds of things forever——people sending me gross stuff…… My name is going to be link with Ben’s— at this point or down the line.”


        Abigail Shapiro is the great explorer of recent sopranos. She is blessed with a voice to die for. She has a feature to double as a mezzo soprano too. But, no doubt it’s her soprano efforts that rolls heads. She claimed fame for her melodious acting in the opera. Let’s have some outshining performances of Abigail Shapiro.

  • https://youtu.be/SY_LG8JpCL8
  • https://youtu.be/H2FHURBmF6M
  • https://youtu.be/j4Sw3Uvnz6k
  • USC Thornton Opera Productions
  • Chamber Opera of USC
  • MSM’s Opera Theatre

    She has respect for the harmonious high level pitched vocals. Was awarded full-tuition award. She is also working as YouTuber. Her channel, “Classically Abby” is very popular. She keeps in touch with her subscribers and discusses about her faith and views. She was to create an online community with a title “Conservative Women.” The aim of this community is to share their views without any fear of consequences.


    Abigail Shapiro got married with her high school sweetheart, Jacob Roth. After dating sometime, they got together with a ring of marriage in 2018. The marital life is pretty unplan, as it can observed in Abigail’s Instagram page.

Abigail believes the empowerment of women. Yet she is learning to cook. She thinks that it feels good to present food to her husband even it is a bit hard to do so. Her relations with in-laws are too good.

Abigail is enjoying good relationship with her in-laws to as you can see from the picture below with Jacob and his parents.

The couple is not enjoying the happiness of children. But they want to start a small family. She defined a small family as “up to four children is a small family.” That means she can bear multiple children in the near future. The couple has moved back to old home in Nebraska last year to spend their life.

Net Worth        

Ben’s sister, Abigail Shapiro has made a massive amount of money. She earned this worth from music and showbiz. Her tuneful voice has gathered an estimated sum of $500k with applauds.

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