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FaZe Rain is a Canadian YouTube star and content maker who has a net worth of $3 Million. He is most popular for being one of the most famous individuals from the computer game e-sports goliath, “FaZe Tribe”.

FaZe started his YouTube vocation back in 2010 and later came to the spotlight when he began teaming up with FaZe Tribe. He transferred various gaming recordings and video blogs on his YouTube channel. The man accumulated north of 5 million endorsers on his channel throughout the long term.

What is FaZe Rain Net Worth?

Early Life

Nordan Crapped also known as FaZe Rain was brought into the world on May 29th, 1996, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He struggled a stoutness issue as a youth prior to losing a great deal of weight around the age of five. He is a secondary school dropout which he did to seek after a vocation as a substance maker.

As a youngster, Rain was referred to around school as the class comedian, somebody who delighted in making individuals snicker. This frequently driven him into issue with his educators and his family routinely heard from the main’s office. Notwithstanding, he stayed a really phenomenal understudy until the age of 7.

At the point when his folks started to battle all the more frequently with each other, FaZe ended up in a downturn. To dispose of this, he began playing computer games, specifically his “PlayStation 2” which is what he played his most memorable computer game ever.

One day when he got back from school he saw that his dad continued on and abandoned his loved ones. In the long run, his mom Sue met another man named Al who turned into FaZe’s stepfather. He likewise has a more youthful sister named Alex.


FaZe chose to consolidate his enthusiasm for gaming with content creation and began making his stuff. In the wake of starting out with “GTA Bad habit CITY”, he grew up and slowly embraced new most loved series like “Corona” and “Important mission at hand”.

Before adequately long, Rain’s unbelievable ability in the game pulled in the consideration of the “FaZe Tribe”. It is a gaming association established in 2010 that turned into a monster in the business off the rear of its well known streams and popular players.

Leap forward

Rain was formally welcomed on as an individual from the “FaZe Family” group in September 2012. He joined the group and after two years his own YouTube channel passed the 1 million supporter boundary. At this point, that number is sitting at 5.3 million.

Individual Life

From 2014 to 2016 FaZe dated a young lady named Taylor. He had been involved with a young lady for around three years. Rain took this shock especially severely and endeavored to ingest too much Advil. Subsequently, he spent the following week in a medical clinic.

In 2020, things changed in light of the fact that FaZe Rain was fighting a dependence on pain relievers. Through a progression of Tweets and an intermittent Instagram Live, Rain shared the troubles that he was encountering with his huge number of fans.

He illuminated his fans that he had such serious nerve harm from drug utilize that he could never again walk. Presently News broke that Rain had been discreetly given up by FaZe Tribe.

Different Endeavors

FaZe Rain utilized the better piece of 2021 to get his life in the groove again. In Spring of that year, he got back to YouTube to make sense of what had been happening in the mediating months and how he was presently.

Rain attempted to uncover data about the FaZe Tribe in November 2022, which cost him a large number of dollars. In February 2023, Rain transferred a video in which he uncovered that he had at long last recovered a major piece of his versatility.

Vehicle Assortment

  • Audi R8 V10 In addition to
  • Tesla Model X

FaZe Rain Net Worth

FaZe Rain is perhaps of the most notable social medium superstars in the American gaming industry. He is incredibly appreciative for his excursion to arrive at this point. Rain amassed huge number of adherents by posting his great substance.

Notwithstanding, he confronted hardships for two or three years however presently he’s in the groove again. He fundamentally acquires from content creation like sharing gaming recordings and video blogs with his fans on YouTube.

Beyond this, he has accomplished support work for brands Vanguard Genetics LLC, GFuel, and FanDuel. His own dress line is a major supporter of his fortune. Starting around 2023, FaZe Rain net worth is assessed to be $3 Million.

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