Germany’s next Top model 2023 GNTM finale

Germany's next Top model
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Heidi Klum has chosen Curvy Model Vivien as the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model (GNTM) – or has she long since given up the reins behind the scenes to daughter Leni? The 19-year-old scurried around as a nervous backstage reporter and made no secret of her favorite.

A 22-year-old learner retail representative is “Germany’s next top model” 2023: Following 18 monotonous weeks, Vivien from Koblenz abandoned in excess of 7,000 competitors in the last in Cologne on Thursday night. With Vivien, a thrilling model has won the GMTM interestingly: “Indescribable! I can’t inhale,” was all she could say in a first statement. Notwithstanding the front of the German “Harper’s Marketplace”, you can also anticipate prize cash of 100,000 euros.

The finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model” (8:15 p.m., ProSieben) occurred on a lot smaller scale than usual this year: just 300 relatives and friends of the candidates were welcomed – as well as a lot of star guests: from the stone stretchers Scorpions (“Thomas Hayo is old buddies with Klaus Meine”), to the youthful Grammy champ Kim Petras and ESC victor Loreen, to the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier and Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, the guests all remained closely connected. The male supermodel Marcus Schenkenberg was set in the crowd – next to ex-competitor Lieselotte, who at 67 years old chattered joyfully until a creation worker suggested that she surrender the mouthpiece (“I should stop!”). Also, choreographer Mecnun welcomed his mom to Heidi in front of an audience.

Klum had made himself agreeable on a huge love seat – one expected at any second that Thomas Gottschalk would snow in. Instead, the 50-year-old first spoke in a strangely profound and slow voice – a joke on his own, as it ended up: “Individuals have always griped about my squeaky voice,” says Klum – prior to getting back to the first pitch.

Leni Klum as backstage presenter

Germany's next Top model

The tasks that the finalists needed to finish were as cryptic as ever: The first walk was to be finished backwards and in slow movement. Why remained Heidi’s secret. Best Ager Nicole (49) made a respectable attempt, yet was repelled by Jean Paul Gaultier: “I saw that better with others,” he said. Nicole, who once lived with Heidi in a level share in Milan for a brief time frame, then needed to gather her bags.

More noteworthy resentment and isolated boos followed when the next sacking was declared: Unexpectedly, the most loved Selma should go – why, why, why? Her walk: strong and enthusiastic. The 19-year-old from Berlin had also found three jobs, more than some other competitor. For what reason did she still need to go? No one knows with the exception of Heidi – and Leni Klum, who stood by her mom as a visibly nervous however constantly smiling backstage columnist, simple information on German or not. Also decent is the question blemish all over when she pondered how she could manage the award cash? “I truly don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage it,” the 19-year-old confused.

Heidi Klum to Olivia: “I love olives”

While individuals on Twitter thought they were either in a “fever dream” or the “ZDF Fernsehgarten”, Olivia was dispensed with – Heidi Klum obviously needed to allow the 22-year-old something pleasant and said: “I love olives. Also, I love you as well, Olivia.”

To the sounds of “Rock You Like A Storm” Somajia (21) and Vivien from Bielefeld did their absolute best on the catwalk. Vivien coincidentally caught Somajia on a bend. In any case, when Heidi (and Leni) have someone in their hearts, even a catwalk crash doesn’t make any difference any longer. Vivien hadn’t found a single line of work. In the semifinals she was the one in particular who slipped from the acrobat into the water. “I love you so much, Vivien,” Leni inhaled in the middle between, so you might have guessed the end.

The eighteenth season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” is presently history. It remains to be seen how long Heidi Klum will keep the reins in her hands. It seems certain: GNTM will be discussed and expounded on in the future next year. Especially since one member is now sure: Tracy, who tracked down her support in the show far away from the family too stressful and left willfully, asked briefly possibility: “I profoundly lament my decision. Heidi, I might want to ask you on the off chance that you would like me to be essential for the next season. “Klum was at first surprised (“We have never had that before.”), however at that point gave her gracious alright: “I might want to have you there!

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