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Read Time:10 Minute, 35 Second Might it be said that you are attempting to distinguish which Fitbit model you’re wearing on your wrist? As Fitbit organization delivers a wide assortment of wellness trackers and smartwatches, so separating between different models is troublesome.

Besides, distinguishing the exact Fitbit model you have is fundamental for selling and investigating purposes. Likewise, it’ll assist you with buying the right embellishments for your device.

Whether you’ve gotten a Fitbit device as a present, bought one second-hand, or essentially failed to remember which one you own, follow simple and straightforward ways of understanding what Fitbit you have at this moment.

10 Methods for understanding What Fitbit Model You Have

In this short aide, I’ll examine 10 simple methods for recognizing your Fitbit utilizing different devices and assets which will make your errand fast. Thus, follow the given techniques one after one more to recognize the Fitbit you own:

1. Use Fitbit App

Essential: You should as of now have matched your Fitbit device with your smartphone

The Fitbit app is the primary spot to look at the information about your Fitbit device. Installation of the Fitbit app is the initial step when you start matching your smartwatch or wellness tracker interestingly with a smartphone. Accepting you’ve previously done along these lines, any other way, this strategy won’t work.

The app won’t only show the model yet in addition additional information including battery rate and matched up time. In this way, connect your Fitbit with your smartphone first.

Moves toward check what Fitbit you have utilizing the Fitbit app:

1. Open the Fitbit app on your Android or iPhone.

2. Navigate to the Today tab at the lower part of your screen.

3. From there, tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner.

4. Check your Fitbit model along with the battery status.

These straightforward and simple tasks will take you toward the exact Fitbit device you have at this moment. Your Fitbit model name will be shown for example Sense, Charge 4, Versa 2, and so forth.

If you have any desire to know the model number also, you can just inquiry on Google “Fitbit Model Name model number”. Here, supplant the Model Name with your unique one like Sense, Motivate, Alta, Charge 2, and so on.

2. Use Fitbit Device Settings

Moves toward find the model utilizing the Fitbit Settings app:

1. Swipe left on your Fitbit to open the apps section, then, at that point, tap Settings.

2. Swipe down and select About.

3. Here, tap on the Administrative data option.

4. Find your Fitbit model number at the top.

5. Google this model number to find the exact Fitbit name.

Instead of utilizing the Fitbit app, we can straightforwardly check the Fitbit model utilizing the device’s own settings. Likewise, you don’t have to initially connect your Fitbit device to your smartphone.

This technique is more convenient as you don’t have to utilize the app. In addition, it shows the model number too like FB507, though the Fitbit app doesn’t.

The Fitbit model number is a 5-digit code that corresponds to the particular model of a Fitbit device. It generally begins with the letters FB and is trailed by three irregular numbers. For example, FB413 is the model number of Fitbit Move HR.

Once you’re mindful of your Fitbit device model, you can, then, at that point, anticipate your Fitbit life expectancy as per the encounters of different clients with that model.

3. Really take a look at The Case

Essential: Clearly, you should have the first Fitbit device bundling box

On the off chance that you actually have your Fitbit device box, it’s only merely seconds to figure out the exact information about your Fitbit device. The name of the device and its model number is imprinted on the bundle it came in. Normally, the Fitbit information is situated on the front side of the crate.

Additionally, you can likewise check the scanner tag on the bundle to know more unambiguous insights concerning your device. The crate likewise accompanies a unique Fitbit charger to charge your Fitbit device and a client manual that gives top to bottom about item use.

This documentation can likewise assist you with being familiar with the Fitbit you have.

4. Actually take a look at The Buy History

Essential: You purchased the Fitbit online or through a retailer that keeps records

In the event that you purchased your Fitbit device from the organization’s true site, you can undoubtedly look at the buy history to find what model you have. To do as such, sign in with your enlisted Fitbit account. Click on the Profile icon then, at that point, select the My Record section. In the My Orders tab, you’ll find a rundown of the multitude of orders you made with Fitbit.

Besides, in the event that you bought your Fitbit from an outsider retailer like Amazon or Best Purchase, take a stab at checking their request history for insights concerning which Fitbit model you purchased. You can likewise look browse your email or financial record for the request receipt.

5. Utilizing Google Quick Pair (Only Android)

Essential: You should have an Android device running version 6.0 or higher

Google Quick Pair could be one more simple method for recognizing your Fitbit model. With this element, you can rapidly connect viable Bluetooth devices, as Fitbit, with your Android smartphone. This element is empowered of course however try to empower Google Play Administrations notifications from settings.

To start with, turn on your cell phone Bluetooth then, at that point, bring your Fitbit device near your Android smartphone. A spring up window ought to appear on your phone which will show your Fitbit model name and inquire as to whether you need to set up your Fitbit device.

This technique is extremely valuable as you don’t have to introduce the Fitbit app, investigate device settings, or search out the bundling box.

6. Use Google Lens

Essential: Google Lens app ought to be introduced on your smartphone

You can likewise exploit Google Lens, a strong picture recognition instrument, to rapidly recognize the name and model number of your Fitbit device.

To find your Fitbit model utilizing Google Lens:

1.            Open the Google Lens app on your Android or iPhone device.

2.            Simply, snap a photo of your Fitbit device utilizing the Lens camera.

3.            Now, it’ll show you comparable outcomes under Visual Match.

4.            Compare your Fitbit device with matching outcomes.

This way you can know the subtleties of your Fitbit device. This strategy isn’t generally exact in light of numerous other comparable items on the lookout. Nonetheless, it for the most part gives exact outcomes. On the other hand, you can utilize Invert Picture Search too all things considered.

7. Really look at The Posterior Of Fitbit

The model name is normally imprinted on the rear of most Fitbit devices. Turn over your Fitbit and check for the model name. You can utilize your portable camera to zoom in so you can peruse little text obviously. Be that as it may, a few devices may exclude this information.

Likewise, the rear of your model might have additional sensors that separate it from others. It can likewise give you some important information about your Fitbit model.

8. Find support From Fitbit Site

In this strategy, we’ll utilize Fitbit’s true site to understand what Fitbit you have. The site offers a simple to-utilize comparison instrument to look at changed Fitbit models one next to the other. Exploit this helpful device to recognize your Fitbit model by matching the specifications and elements.

Besides, you can visit the Item page also to contrast your Fitbit and others. Simply go through the items rundown and find the one that coordinates best with your device. This is one more strategy to check your device model.

9. Use Fitbit People group Discussion

The Fitbit People group Gathering is likewise an extraordinary asset for anyone who requirements help or has questions about their device. Be that as it may, you need to make its record first. You can look for the pertinent point and even beginning another subject too where you can embed your Fitbit device pictures and description, and inquire as to whether they are familiar the model name.

The advantage of utilizing the local area discussion is that you’ll get responses from various clients who have insight with various sorts of Fitbits. Thus, you’ll definitely get the exact insights regarding your Fitbit device.

10. Contact With Fitbit Backing

Assuming you have arrived at this point, it shows you’re as yet incapable to understand what Fitbit you have at the present time. Thus, to wrap things up technique is to straightforwardly reach out to the Fitbit Backing group. They offer 24-hour live talk and call support options to assist with settling any questions connected with explicit Fitbit models.

You can join your Fitbit device pictures in a live visit and they’ll assist you with recognizing which model is this in a matter of seconds. It would be ideal for I to say, this is a secure technique to check your Fitbit device model and different subtleties.

List Of All Fitbit Devices With Name And Model Numbers

Fitbit Inspire HR

Model Number: FB413

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2

Model Number: FB418

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 3

Model Number: Not Mentioned

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Charge 2

Model Number: FB407

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3

Model Number: FB409

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4

Model Number: FB417

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Charge 5

Model Number: FB421

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Alta

Model Number: FB406

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Alta HR

Model Number: FB408

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Flex

Model Number: FB400

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Flex 2

Model Number: FB403

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Ace

Model Number: FB201

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Ace 2

Model Number: FB414

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Ace 3

Model Number: FB419

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Versa

Model Number: FB504

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa Lite

Model Number: FB505

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2

Model Number: FB507

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 3

Model Number: FB511

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 4

Model Number: FB523

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic

Model Number: FB503

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Luxe

Model Number: FB422

Type: Tracker

Fitbit Sense

Model Number: FB512

Type: Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense 2

Model Number: FB521

Type: Smartwatch

Habitually Got clarification on pressing issues

How do I Have any idea Which Fitbit Versa I Have?

To know which Versa you have, open the Settings on your smartwatch then, at that point, look down and select About. Here, you’ll find all the information about your Fitbit Versa like the model name, model number, serial number, and programming version.

How can I Say whether I Have a Fitbit Charge 2 or 3?

To check assuming you have Fitbit Charge 2 or 3, match your Fitbit device with your portable first. Then, open the Fitbit app > select the Today tab at the base > tap on the Profile icon. Presently, you’ll see the Fitbit model name like Charge 2 or Charge 3.

How to Know My Fitbit Device Serial Number?

The serial number of a Fitbit device is imprinted on the first bundling box. You can likewise check the scanner tag on the container to get a point by point outline of the item including the serial number. Additionally, Fitbit Sense and Versa clients can know the device serial number in the About section of the watch.

Which Fitbit Charge do I Have?

You can check your Fitbit Charge model name in the Fitbit app assuming that you have previously set up your Fitbit device with your smartphone. Simply go to your profile section and you’ll see your Fitbit Charge model recorded there.

Last Words

Out of different Fitbit devices, distinguishing the exact model is a tedious undertaking. In any case, you can undoubtedly understand what Fitbit you have utilizing these 10 techniques. Additionally, the model information will assist you with buying the right embellishments.

Besides, the Fitbit model subtleties will likewise help while selling since it’ll be simple for you to find a purchaser who is keen on that specific model. Additionally, knowing the model name and number will assist you with investigating any issues that might emerge.

Along these lines, I trust this guide gave you some significant stuff. Assuming this is the case, do impart it to others so they can likewise get benefit from it.

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