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Make the Perfect Eid E-cards

Eid ul Adha is one of the most auspicious occasions in the Muslim calendar. Not only does it mark religious sacrifice, but it also allows the Muslim community to come together while remembering those less fortunate than themselves. 

However, Eid, as are most other occasions, is short-lived, and it’s the memories we hold onto long after the days have passed. And what better way to cherish memories made with your loved ones than with Eid e-cards. Customizable, not restricted by physical borders, and a great way to tell those that you love that you’re thinking of them, Eid e-cards add a whole new layer of joy to the occasion, and of course, what better platform to get your fill! 

PosterMyWall houses an unlimited supply of design templates with everything from posters to cards to social media posts, and its e-card templates exceed 8,000 pieces alone. With so much to choose from and a whole design palette just at your fingertips, it’s super easy to get start, all you need are some design tips and tricks.

Here are mine for designing your Eid e-card:

Start with a Mood Board

As is with any design project, starting off your e-card design by spilling your creative juices onto a mood board is always a good idea. Not only will it allow you to envision what your Eid e-card will look like, but it will also provide you with an excellent reference piece when designing, both speeding up the process and making it more fruitful. 

Play around with colors, texts, shapes, layouts, and texture effects, mixing and matching to put together those which fit. And if you’re someone who works better online than on paper, then you can always use PosterMyWall to create your e-card mood board. 

Simply select a blank design and get to creating! Who knows, your mood board might just churn out multiple Eid e-card designs.

Make use of the E-card Editor

When it comes to anything visual, one of the most important elements of the design is the text. Not only is it the text that will get your Eid greetings across, but it’s also going to help center the card’s design by filling up appropriate spaces. 

Therefore, ample thought needs to be put into deciding your Eid e-card’s text style, look, and actual wording. This is where you’ll be using e-card editor which allows you to add, resize, and remove text boxes as well as manipulate the text by adding a number of effects such as color, font, and presentation style. 

Whether it’s a simple Eid Mubarak that’s going to be gracing your card or an intricate message, PosterMyWall’s e-card editor has all the solutions. Simply see which font and size fits best into your design and add away until your heart’s content – just make sure that your font is visible both in terms of size and background color blending! 

Crop and Mask

Of course, adding in text and pictures does not mean a job done – there’s a lot more to be do to your e-card, including techniques such as crop and mask. Once you have your elements on your design, then it’s time to get started on adjustments.

Start by looking for unnecessary items and cropping them until you’re left with the section you need, and when it comes to images, it’s often those without a background that merge best with the card’s design.

And luckily for you, you can perform both of these tasks in PosterMyWall’s editor with the crop tool and the mask tool. Simply select one function and get to work on your desired element zooming in with the magnifying feature for accuracy. The result will be an e-card that stuns! 

Explore the Templates Galore!

And of course, if there’s anything that compels one to drive towards PosterMyWall, it’s the bucket load of templates! With over 8,000 e-card templates and quite a few based on the Eid ul Adha theme, finding one that you like is a guarantee more than a chance. 

If you’re someone who’s indecisive or don’t believe yourself to possess a design bone, then designing Eid e-cards with PosterMyWall is just the thing for you. Browse through their Eid card templates and select a design that appeals to you. 

Once you have it selected, then it’s time for you to customize it. You can make use of the tools mentioned above, or go out exploring yourself, picking and choosing design elements that you like. The best part about PosterMyWall’s online e-card maker is that everything is easily customizable and editable, so even if you make a mistake, you can easily rectify it. 

There’s nothing that will quite move along the design process like PosterMyWall’s Eid e-card templates, providing the designer with not only creative references and ideas but also allowing them to save up on time.

So, if you’re looking to design an e-card as the holy occasion of Eid ul Adha approaches, then it’s clear that your only choice should be PosterMyWall. With numerous designs to choose from and an editing interface that is oh-so-easy to use, you’ll soon be churning out Eid e-card after Eid e-card, the next one better than the last.

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