Read Time:11 Minute, 20 Second Charging an Apple Watch can now and then be quite difficult when you don’t approach its charger. Yet, these 7 strategies will assist you with charging your Apple Watch without its unique attractive charger.

Despite the fact that Apple smartwatches have great battery limit, with broadened use the battery will ultimately should be charged.

Having the option to charge an Apple watch without its own charger is important for many clients. With this aide, you’ll have the option to drive up your smartwatch by Apple without a charger.

Note: These strategies will chip away at all Apple Watch Series, including Series 3, Series 7, Series 8, and SE (first era).

1) Utilize Wireless Power Bank For Charging

Utilizing an Attractive Wireless Power Bank is one of the most helpful ways of charging your Apple watch without its charger. Its inherent attractive charger can without much of a stretch interface with your Apple smartwatch. Simply put your watch on top of the power bank and it will begin charging wirelessly.

These Wireless Attractive power banks are typically extremely thin and lightweight. You can undoubtedly convey them in your pocket and take them any place you go to charge different gadgets including a Fitbit smartwatch.

A versatile battery pack (power bank) is the best answer for charge your Apple Watch as you will never again require the first attractive charger to charge your watch.

You can look at these Attractive Wireless Power Banks:

  1. ZEROLEMON Attractive Versatile Power Bank
  2. BoostCharge Master Power Bank For Apple Watch
  3. VRURC Attractive Wireless Power Bank

2) Utilize Stowed away Apple Watch Ports

It’s anything but a discharge that prior Apple Watch series had stowed away ports situated behind the tie, however Apple has now eliminated these ports. Assuming you have an Apple Smartwatch Series 6 or a previous model, you can exploit these secret ports to charge your Apple Watch without its standard charger.

Many clients asserted that these are analytic ports for the purpose of investigating yet they’re equipped for conductive charging. Be that as it may, how can you charge your Watch by Apple utilizing these ports?

The Hold Tie is the principal outsider Apple frill that utilizes these secret ports to charge an Apple Watch. Buy this lash from venders who have it in stock and associate this tie with your watch to charge it without its own Apple attractive charger.

These bands were furnished with worked in batteries to broaden the smartwatch’s battery duration, which ended up being very powerful.

Sadly, this battery band item was ceased in 2016 after Apple changed the plan of its smartwatch and eliminated this secret six-pin port, however, Apple clients are as yet missing this extraordinary item.

3) Use MagSafe Pair Charger

MagSafe Pair Charger, planned by Apple, is an adaptable attractive charger for charging your Apple Watch easily. Buy this charger from an Apple store and just spot your Apple Watch onto the charging plate. It will start to charge without the requirement for the first Watch charger.

This MagSafe Couple charger is likewise equipped for charging your iPhone (2-in-1 charger) simultaneously which makes it an ideal companion for you.

It upholds charging for all the Apple Smartwatch Series including Apple Watch Ultra and SE. You needn’t bother with its crate stuffed charger to drive up your smartwatch.

Whether your watch charger is missing, or you simply want an extra charging choice for your Apple Watch, this compact Charger is an optimal charger for you.

4) Use MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand

The MagSafe Wireless Charging Stand is a superb option in contrast to the standard watch charger. It gives a simple method for charging your Apple Watch without the requirement for its local attractive charger. Just spot your watch onto the stand and it’ll start to charge instantly.

As well as charging an iWatch, this wireless work area charging stand additionally permits you to advantageously charge your iPhone and AirPods simultaneously.

Purchasing a MagSafe charging stand is an incredible decision in the event that your watch charger is lost or harmed as it gives a solid method for charging your Apple Watch without its own charger. It’ll function as an individual charging station to charge your gadgets.

There are many wireless charging stands accessible on the lookout. A portion of the well known ones include:

  1. Anker 3-in-1 Solid shape with MagSafe
  2. Mophie 3-in-1 Stand for MagSafe Charger
  3. Belkin Lift CHARGE Genius 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

5) Use Satechi USB-C Watch Charger

The Satechi USB-C charger is a little gadget that gives a helpful answer for power up your Apple smartwatch. Simply interface it to any USB type C power source and spot your Apple Watch onto its Attractive charging dock to charge it which disposes of the requirement for a unique charger.

As this Apple frill accompanies a USB-C connector thus, you can interface it to your MacBook, iPad, or any other power source that upholds USB type C association. It utilizes inductive charging to juice up your Apple gadgets.

You won’t require the first Apple Watch Attractive Charging Dock anymore in light of the fact that it gives a simple and better method for charging your Apple Smartwatch. Additionally, you can charge your Apple AirPods too.

You can arrange the Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger from the authority Apple site and partake in a link free charging experience.

6) Use Badge Attractive Charging Link

This Symbol Attractive Charging Dongle accompanies a USB type A connector and is intended to helpfully charge your Apple Smartwatch. It’s especially helpful when your unique watch charger is lost or harmed. Simply plug it into a USB port, put your Apple Watch on it, and your watch will begin charging.

This minimized charger can be connected to the USB port of your laptop or PC for simple charging. Additionally, you can plug it into any standard USB wall charger and interface that USB connector to any electrical plug accessible close to you.

This Apple Watch frill is particularly helpful when you don’t approach your charger however need to charge your smartwatch. It simply requires a typical USB association with work.

Additionally, when you’re in a hurry, you can utilize this Emblem Charging Dongle to charge your Apple smartwatch without conveying the first massive charger. You can involve your telephone charger also to plug this gadget.

7) Utilize Attractive Keychain Charger

Attractive Keychain is a convenient wireless charger for charging an Apple Smartwatch without the requirement for its own attractive charger. It likewise has a little implicit battery that fills in as a power bank for your watch. Place your Apple Watch onto its surface and it’ll begin charging wirelessly.

This minuscule charger likewise has a keychain connection so you can undoubtedly haul it around with your keys and charge your Apple Watch any place you go, wiping out the requirement for a unique watch charger.

It upholds all Apple Savvy models, from Series 1 through 8, SE, and Ultra models.

Assuming that you’re searching for a compact wireless charger that can charge your Apple Watch, then this Attractive Keychain charger is one of the helpful choices for you as opposed to utilizing a customary link charger.

Is It Conceivable To Charge an Apple Watch Without the Attractive Charger?

The attractive charger that accompanies a watch is the ideal answer for the charging system, however, it might get lost or harmed.

Then, at that point, the inquiry emerges, can I charge my Apple Smartwatch without its own attractive charger?

Despite the fact that it’s encouraged to utilize Apple-Branded items for quick and dependable charging and to keep away from speedy battery debasement, these arrangements are additionally extremely successful in the event of crisis charging needs.

How to Be aware In the event that My Apple Watch Is Charging?

In the event that you’re a new smartwatch client, you may be considering how to be aware on the off chance that your Apple Watch is charging or not.

At the point when you place your Apple Watch onto its charger, it’ll show a green lightning bolt image on its presentation which demonstrates that it’s charging. Likewise, you’ll hear a ring sound when it gets connected to the charger.

Furthermore, on an iPhone, you will see a little lightning symbol within the battery gadget. You’ll see an addition in battery rate also.

In the event that you notice this large number of signs, it means your Apple Savvy is connected and charging appropriately.

Can I Charge My Apple Watch Utilizing iPhone Charger?

Without any the first Apple Watch Attractive Charging Link, you could contemplate whether you can utilize your iPhone charger to charge your Apple Smartwatch.

The answer is,

No, you can’t charge your Apple watch with an iPhone charger since they don’t have any charging port that can uphold USB-C to lightning link. Wireless iPhone chargers are additionally not viable with an Apple Watch. Apple smartwatches can be charged with an attractive association.

Thus, you’ll have to utilize different techniques to drive up your smartwatch

How to Charge an Apple Watch With Wireless Charger?

In the event that you have a Wireless charger with MagSafe support, you effectively use it to charge your smartwatch.

Ensure the watch is appropriately connected to the charger and you’ll see a green lightning symbol on its showcase demonstrating that it’s charging.

Habitually Got clarification on some pressing issues

What Are Alternate Ways Of charging an Apple Watch Without Charger?

In the event that you don’t approach your Apple Watch Attractive charging link, you can utilize elective ways of charging your smartwatch, for example, Wireless Attractive Power Bank, Satechi USB-C Watch Charger, MagSafe Pair Charger, Symbol Attractive Charging Dongle, or an Attractive Keychain Charger.

Can I Utilize Power Bank To Charge My Apple Savvy?

Indeed, you can charge your Apple Watch utilizing a power bank as long as it upholds Wireless Attractive Charging. Typical power banks without wireless charging backing can not be utilized for charging Apple Watches as they are just viable with attractive associations.

How to Reset Apple Watch Without a Charger?

You should recall your Watch password to reset it without a charger. Presently, open the Settings application on your Apple Watch > General > Reset > Delete All > enter your password to reset your smartwatch. You needn’t bother with a charger in that frame of mind to play out a reset activity.

Can I Utilize Outsider Chargers To Charge an Apple Watch?

In spite of the fact that Apple recommends utilizing the authority chargers, it’s excessive. There are many solid outsider chargers accessible that are viable with Apple Watches and at half expense also. You can likewise utilize those outsider chargers to charge your Apple Watch.

Can I Charge My Apple Watch With Lightning Link?

No, you can’t charge your Apple Watch with a lightning link as it doesn’t accompany any charging port. The Apple Smartwatches are just viable with attractive associations. You’ll either require its own charger or MagSafe Pair Charger to charge your Apple Watch.

Where is The Covered up Charging Port on an Apple Watch?

On the off chance that you own an Apple Watch Series 6 or a prior model, you can find a secret port on its rear right behind the lash. However, beginning from Series 7, Apple has made changes to the plan of its Watch and taken out those ports. Thus, you’ll not track down these ports anymore in the most recent models.

Can an iPhone Wirelessly Charge an Apple Watch?

As iPhone gadgets don’t uphold the opposite Wireless Charging highlight, in this way, you can’t charge your Apple Watch with an iPhone wirelessly. You’ll either require the first Apple Watch charger or other outsider wireless chargers with MagSafe to charge your Apple Smartwatch.

How to Refresh an Apple Watch Without a Charger?

To refresh your Apple Watch, open the Settings application on your Apple Watch > General > Programming Update > tap Introduce. However it’s encouraged to interface your Watch to a charger while refreshing, it’s not mandatory in the event that the watch has sufficient battery. You can refresh it without a charger.

Can I Charge an Apple Watch with USB Link?

As Apple Watches have no USB-C or USB-A ports thus, you can’t charge your Apple Watch with a USB link or USB power connector. They just help wireless attractive association for charging.

How Long Does an Apple Watch Battery Last?

As a general rule, the battery duration of an Apple Watch differs relying upon use, however by and large, it can endure as long as 18 hours of battery duration before it should be recharged which is sufficient to last the entire day.


Regardless of what model of Apple Watch you own, there are in every case a few techniques that exist to charge it without the first charger. However, its true charger is as yet the most solid method for keeping up with battery wellbeing.

Apple additionally presents its own wireless chargers occasionally that can be utilized as an option in contrast to the first watch charger like MagSafe Couple Charger, which can charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously

MagSafe Couple Charger that can charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously. Besides, you can contact Apple Backing for taking further proficient assistant.

In this way, with these simple wireless charging arrangements, you ought to have the option to keep your Apple Watch generally charged and prepared to capitalize on its highlights.

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