Read Time:4 Minute, 37 Second PinkPantheress is an English vocalist and lyricist who has a net worth of $1 Million. She previously rose to distinction after the arrival of her single “Sever It” in 2021 which became a web sensation on TikTok.

Her music promptly grabbed the eye of names and PinkPantheress marked an agreement with Parlophone and Elektra Records. In October 2021 she delivered her presentation mixtape “Screw It” which turned into a triumph, topping at #20 on the UK Graphs.

PinkPantheress acquired massive prevalence following the arrival of her tunes “Only for Me” and “Torment” which were remembered for her first mixtape. The vocalist is well known for utilizing tests of music from the 1990s and 2000s and her music traverses numerous sorts.

What is PinkPantheress Net Worth?

Early Life

Gemma Victoria Walker was brought into the world on April eighteenth, 2001, in Shower, Somerset, Britain, UK. She was an as a raised by a dad insights teacher and her mom, a Kenyan-conceived government employee.

At five years old, her family migrated from Shower to Kent. Then, at that point, after seven years, her dad accepted a position abroad at a college in Austin, Texas, however she and her mom chose to remain in Britain.

PinkPantheress says it was thanks to her more established sibling that she initially started to foster her melodic advantages. Her sibling is a sound specialist. Her melodic excursion started when she was an understudy at the Lofty Barton Grammer School.

As a youngster, she began taking piano illustrations and at 12 years old, she had an opportunity to perform Ben E. Ruler’s tune “Stand by Me” at her school’s ability show. Pantheress was still in secondary school when she started recording music. Upon her secondary school graduation, she went to go to the College of Artistic expressions London where she concentrated on film.


PinkPantheress’ music profession began thanks by and large to TikTok. Throughout recent years, she procured a great deal of distinction by sharing a special piece of content on TikTok. Her most memorable viral video was a clasp of Post Malone, marking a signature for a fan right close to her.

She further utilized that stage to share her music by posting clasps of her remarkable sound that blended Alt-Pop, Carport, Drum, and Bass, as well as Wilderness. Also, testing from the 90s and odd tracks. These first transfers were delivered during Christmas of 2020 under the moniker of “PinkPantheress.”

Leap forward

Her most memorable piece was a tune named “Only a Waste” which became a web sensation on TikTok in December 2020. In any case, the primary melody that acquired her fame was “Agony” deliver in January 2021. This track tests the 2000 Carport hit Blossoms by female disposition.

At the point when she transferred “Torment,” Pantheress had laid out an objective for herself to make one new tune every day. Because of the progress of her melody “Simply a Waste” she perceived that TikTok could assist her with becoming quicker than some other stage. Starting there on still up in the air to utilize that outlet for her potential benefit.

PinkPantheress wound up marking an arrangement with Parlophone and Elektra and from that point she delivered further popular hits like “Sever It” and “Enthusiasm.” In October 2021 she at long last deliver her presentation mixtape “Screw It” which got start at quick 19 minutes all out.

Different Endeavors

In 2022 Pantheress worked together with different craftsmen like Mura Masa, Lil Uzi Vert, and Shygirl, on the single named “Babycakes.” She additionally collaborated with Will Smith’s girl Willow on the tune “Where You Are.” Toward the finish of 2022, she release their most memorable EP named “Bring Me back Home.”

In October of that year, PinkPantheress’ aspiration completed the cycle when she was welcome to perform close to Paramore during the “Austin City Cutoff points Live concert.”

At the point when she originally saw the band Paramore quite a while back and from that point she became roused to seek after her own vocation in music. Pantheress had no clue about that under 10 years after the fact she’d been in front of an audience with Paramore.

Following this profession feature, PinkPantheress collaborated with individual viral music sensation Ice Flavor to deliver a remix named “Kid’s a # Pt. 2.” This cooperation came to fruition after Pantheress saw that Ice Flavor was following her on Instagram.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the career highlights of PinkPantheress:

  • Break It Off (Song, 2021)
  • Just a Waste (2021)
  • Pain (Song, 2021)
  • Just for Me (2021)
  • Passion (2021)
  • Where you are (Song ft Willow Smith, 2022)
  • To Hell with It (First mixtape, 2021)
  • Boy’s a # Pt. 2 (Song ft Ice Spice, 2023)

PinkPantheress Net Worth

PinkPantheress is one of the anticipated craftsmen who arose out of the UK. She came to the spotlight after the arrival of her advanced single “Sever It” in 2021. Following this, she kept on delivering a few hit singles on SoundCloud.

With regards to her future, she is anticipating as a matter of some importance proceeding to propel herself as a performer. She has worked together with numerous famous craftsmen throughout her vocation. Pantheress brings in cash from her singing, live shows, a YouTube channel, and record bargains.

Aside from music she additionally took a shot at demonstrating, working for famous style originator Marc Jacobs’ Paradise assortment. She likewise had a featuring job in the short film “Devour This.” Starting around 2023, PinkPantheress net worth is assessed to be $1 Million.

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