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1. A bakery/ cofee house

2. Cracker Barrel. I’m 19 and just started serving there. I am 99% positive you can start working there at 16 and there is no reason you couldn’t serve at that age because they don’t serve alcohol.

I strongly would not recommend a one owner, one restaurant kind of place. Been there, done that. It can be too much drama, too much favoritism and much too relaxed on things that should be strict policy like harassment. Corporate restaurants are a better way to go in my opinion, or franchise if you absolutely cannot find corporate.

I think Cracker Barrel would be a great choice though. Its a very solid company that treats their employees very well.

3. Diners usually don’t serve alcohol.

But you maybe slightly wrong about serving in a restaurant that serves alcohol. I know in California, yes you can’t serve the alcohol to the table, but you can surely work at the restaurant waiting tables. Some other server over 18 serves the beer or wine to the table.

4. Chuck E Cheese or anywhere children eat. Most fast food restaurants and diners and restaurants that serve breakfasts and lunches. You could call some restaurants near you and ask them if they serve alcohol and if they say they don’t start applying at those.

5. Cracker Barrel – but I”m not sure about the age, some restaurants are minimum 17. Good food, good atmosphere (except for some of the music, too country) tips, no alcohol.

6. Mcdonalds, Subway, Dairy Queen, Burger King, Braums, Harveys, Star Bucks, ect ect.

7. Parson’s family restaurant in glendale Arizona @59th.and northern they only serve breakfast and lunch.

8. McDonnals..But they sell very unhealthy, bad qualuity, genetically modified foods.

Source(s): Look at the size of the people that eat there regularly.

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