Silvia Romano
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Builtinbusiness: Silvia Romano graduated in 2018. Silvia Romano is from Milan. She is 25 years old. She went to Africa to help the people. Her subject was Linguistic Mediators for security and social defense. She researched and wrote a thesis on “Human Trafficking.” She became a volunteer of the “Africa Milele Onlus Association.”

It is a small organization. Silvia was kidnapped at 8 pm on Tuesday 20 November in Kilifi County, Kenya. Later they released her on 9 May. The credit goes to Italian intelligence. Silvia graduated a few months before her kidnapping, in February 2018. She graduated from a school for linguistic mediators for security and social defense. She presented a thesis on “human trafficking.” But her passion is also fitness.

Silvia Romano’s volunteer missions

She started working in the ‘Pro Patria 1883‘ gym in Milan. Afterward, she moved on to ‘Zero Gravity. Here one manager remembers her as a girl who “loves children, gymnastics”. She is “bent on helping people”. As a collaborator-instructor; she also ran a summer camp for children. The last time she went to Zero Gravity was September. “Before leaving for Africa she came to say hello, she was happy to go back to helping the kids in Kenya”.

Her Second mission of help

The young woman was on her second mission in Africa. In August she wrote on her Facebook profile: “You survive on what you receive but you live on what you give.” She attached a photo with some Kenyan children. She stayed in Kilifi County. This is on the Kenyan coast. This area was dangerous for foreigners. They also attacked some foreigners in this area. Silvia Romano stayed here with free will to support an NGO. She wanted to help the little orphans.

She wanted to help the orphans. So, she arranged a fundraising event. Her motive was to help the children, anyway. The children were living in a pathetic condition. Her dream was to provide the child’s wonderful future. Then she returned to Italy. But she visited this place again and again. She remained to visit this place because it was not far.

A responsible girl

Agi Federica Stizza was her teacher at the Ciels University of Milan. She stated she fought for what she believed. Silvia was fighting for orphan children. She was struggling hard. Further, she said that she faced an obstacle. Her teacher was telling about her student’s dreams. Silvia Romano wanted to develop cooperation internationally. In fact, she wanted to develop such a system in which any man can get help.

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Romano and her kidnapping

          There are few hard facts about this kidnapping. Some common culprits kidnapped her. They captured her from a village in Kenya. The kidnappers kidnapped her for extortion. They forced her to travel on foot for about four weeks. After this, they sold her to Al-Shabaab militants.

Release of Romano

          American and British diplomats accompanied her. She reached the UN base in Mogadishu. She was wearing a bulletproof vest. Undoubtedly, any country would have some benefits. That is why; it played the role of intermediary. Obviously, it is quite possible that Turkey does not have any key interest in her release. But who played this role?? They also opined this about Qatar. It played this role in her release.

 Romano’s release and the role of Turkey

          The ISPI (Italian Institute for International Political Studies) reported about her release. It also discussed joint efforts made by three international intelligence agencies. Turkey’s role in such activities is not surprising. It has performed different operations in Somalia. Furthermore, they also played a role to sort local disputes there. According to an ex Somali diplomat, Turkey is completing different projects. For instance, road and hospital construction and digging a water well.

Silvia Romano’s Conversion to Islam

          On different media groups, her conversion is the subject of discussion. She flatly refused her marriage with one kidnapper. Thereafter, the analyzers also noticed her body language. Furthermore, with her facial expressions, they noticed and found her satisfied. Now and then, the police patrol there for her safety.

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