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Slavic women

Builtinbusiness: Slavic is a group of people belonging to Europe. They speak different Slavic languages. According to ancient Roman historians, they knew Slavic people as “Veneti. They settled in the Germanic society of Suebi. It was in Central Europe East. They established during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. alongside Dnieper and Vistula rivers. So, they got this name from Antes and Sclaveni’s words. In 551 A.D. Jordanes wrote about Veneti. He wrote about two tribes, Antes and Slaveni as two tribes in that period.

In contrast to Jordanes, Procopius also wrote about Slavs in 545. He suggested the two tribes as single names. People knew them as “Sporoi”. Similarly, Procopius referred to them as barbarians. They followed democracy and believed in one god. Therefore, they used to present sacrifices.

Slavic ancient civilization

They used to live in different places and keep on changing their residence. During wars, they usually fought wars on foot. Slavic people used simple shields and spears in wars. Usually, they wore simple clothes and genitals covers. They used to speak “Barbarous” language. As per their appearance, they were fair colored and blond. They used to lead a hard life. According to sources of the 6the century, they used to live near rivers, lakes, and in dense forests.

About South Slavic Women

Now, most of the Slavic women belong to the south of the Balkan Peninsula. Because these countries previously were among Yugoslavia. Now this region is known as South Slavia. There are mixed girls in the north like Slovenia and Croatia. These have some different physical features like fair skin color, darker brunettes, tall and skinny. As far as you go from South, the chance to get darker and taller gets higher.

There are different categories and varieties of Slovenian women. They all are cute but not as much as Croatian or Serbian. A worldly known Slovenian woman is Melania Trump. A fellow Croatian possesses unique features and nature. You can find some women blondes, brunettes and quite tall.

There is another type. For instance, these are from Macedonia. I have never been there. But some trustworthy resources described their features as Serbian women. Similarly, Bulgarian women possess a darker look to compare to Serbians. They are mostly shorter.

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About West

As far as west Slavic women are concerned, they belong to Polish, Czech, and Slovakian. Because these women are shorter than the Balkans. They are curvier than Russians. Because they resemble the women in Germany and Austria. Above all, these are a good mix in their blondes, etc. Mostly their facial features differ from Ukrainians. These features make them smoother.

 About East Slavic women

                These are the women from Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian women. According to my opinion, these Slavic women are more attractive. Because of their cat-eyes and sharp facial features. Because these are slender bodies and longs legs. Also, there is a negative side of East Slavic women. They are not comparatively very diverse. There are also some darker kinds of these women.

Slavic women and their desire from men

It has been observed that Eastern European women wish to have 3 things in men. These features in men are Chivalrous, Breadwinner, and a leader. Chivalrous means to treat the women old school, gentlemen. Slavic women appreciate a gentleman. So, they think such men pay off in the long run. Resultantly, such women like who opens the door for her, helping to get in the car, and respect that you pay them.

            Because there is an important factor. This factor is to give her great respect. Because this type of woman wants to be understood, emotional and feminine. Slavic women dislike womanly type men.

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Don’ts to have any Slavic women

There are 3 don’ts that men should avoid while engaging with Eastern European women. These 3 turnoffs are:-

  • Don’t be mean
  • Just follow her
  • Don’t get engaged first, let her engage you

These women don’t wish for a rich man. In fact, these women don’t like stingy men. Don’t cheat them. Therefore, just show them what you are and what you have. You just pay them as much respect as you can. Because they like truth and clear pictures. So, promise them to present their gifts and comforts. It will give you an edge.

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