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Who Is Snow Lopes?

Builtinbusiness: Snow Lopes is the embraced girl of Lisa Lopes prevalently known as Left Eye, a notable American hip-jump craftsman, rapper, and record maker. She was embraced when she was a youngster. Snow Lopes was just eight years of age when she was embraced by Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison. Tragically, her mom was killed in a horrendous vehicle mishap.

Despite the fact that Left Eye is as yet known, her inheritance proceeds with thanks to the philanthropic gathering “Lisa Lopes Establishment.” Like her mom, Snow is enthusiastic about helping other people and is keen on friendly work. She tries to be a maker and a performer too.

Snow Lopes was brought into the world on 28th April, 1993 in the US of America in a Christian working class family. Her organic mother is Lisa Lopes, whose genuine character has not been disclosed. Her mom was struggling with raising Snow in view of her mom’s monetary circumstance.

Subsequently, Lisa vowed to help her and began dealing with Snow. Snow Lopes was at long last taken on by Lisa and her previous accomplice Andre Rison when she was eight years of age.

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Early Life:

Snow Lopes was brought into the world on May 22, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the girl of Lisa Lopes and her then-beau, NFL player Andre Rison. Snow was just two years of age when her mom died, passing on her to be raised by her dad and her stepmother. Growing up, Snow had an energy for music, very much like her mom, and would frequently act in ability shows and different occasions.


Snow Lopes started her music vocation in 2017, at 18 years old, when she delivered her most memorable single “Brazy.” The tune immediately acquired ubiquity, and Snow became known for her novel sound and style. From that point forward, she has delivered a few different tunes, including “Circles” and “Doin’ It.” Snow is known for her mix of hip-jump, R&B, and popular music, and her verses frequently mirror her own encounters and battles.

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Who Is Lisa Lopes?

Lisa Lopes is an American vocalist, rapper, lyricist, record maker, artist, and artist. She was brought into the world in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US of America on May 27, 1971.

She was of Mexican, American, African, and Portuguese parentage and was initially from Cape Verde. Her mom functioned as a sewer, while her dad served in the US Armed force as a Staff Sergeant.

Lopes ascribes first experience with music to her dad Ronald, a Military staff sergeant who supported her music and purportedly beat her. Ronald died in 1991.) She as of late cared for Snow, a 8-year-close buddy’s youngster who was having monetary challenges.

Lisa Lopes Short Account And Passing Data

Lisa Lopes, otherwise called “Left Eye,” was an American rapper, vocalist, and lyricist who rose to popularity as an individual from the R&B bunch tender loving care. Lopes was brought into the world on May 27, 1971, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Lopes started her music vocation in the mid 1990s as an individual from tender loving care, close by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Bean stew” Thomas. The gathering’s subsequent collection, “CrazySexyCool,” was a gigantic achievement and won numerous Grammy Grants.

Lopes was known for her exceptional and vivacious rapping style, as well as her particular design sense, which frequently included vivid and offbeat attire and embellishments.

Sadly, Lopes passed on in an auto crash in Honduras on April 25, 2002, at 30 years old. She was there dealing with a narrative about her life and profession at the hour of the mishap. Her passing was a staggering misfortune to the music world and her fans.

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Lopes had one little girl, Snow Lopes, who was brought into the world in 1999. Snow was raised by her dad, previous NFL player Andre Rison, following Lopes’ demise. Snow has since emulated her mom’s example and sought after a lifelong in music too.

Notwithstanding her unfavorable demise, Lisa Lopes’ inheritance lives on through her music and the effect she made on the business. She is recognized as a skilled and energetic craftsman who pushed limits and broke hindrances, and her commitments to music won’t be neglected.

How Old Is Snow Lopes?

The renowned American superstar is 30 years old starting around 2022. She was brought into the world on 28th April, 1993 in the US of America. She used to commend her birthday along with her loved ones on the 28th day of each and every long stretch of April.

Who Raised Snow Lopes?

Snow Lopes was raised by her mom, Lisa Lopes, a notable American hip-bounce craftsman, rapper, and record maker. She had an incredible youth however very much like most taken on youngsters, there were some promising and less promising times. Notwithstanding what she went through, she is notable now as the girl of the renowned Lisa Lopes.

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Snow Lopes Instagram

The renowned little girl of Lisa Lopes has an all out number of 809 supporters on her Instagram while she follows just 169 clients on the web-based entertainment stage. She is on Instagram with the name @snowlopesgcu.

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