Top 10 safety tips for kids

safety tips for kids
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Home is the only place, where child feel safe, comfort and peace. The chirping of kids should be never lost at home. Their innocent, eye catching acts and movements cause happiness for parents. Commonly, while staying at home, mothers seem to be more restless and board. It is the only golden period that is missed and remembered in future. A research was conducted during the period of 6 month. 1333 kids were brought to Emergency Department. Almost 53.7% were fallen cases, 15.01% was struck by force. As far as seriousness is concerned, 5.4% injured suffered serious injuries. So, while setting them free, it must be kept in mind to be injured in any way. For the safety of children at home, following steps should be taken to avoid any untoward situation.

Safety Measures

  1. Clean Floors and spills quickly.

Staying at home, parents should take a serious notice of spill, oil or any liquid on ground. In such circumstances, when anything slippery is found on the ground, wipe it away by keeping the children away from this infected area. For some time, don’t allow the children to move there.

  • Hot Liquids.

Parents should be always wary while handling hot liquids. Anything hot should not be kept on runner or table cloth. The cloth may be pulled by the kid. It would create serious issue for the kid especially on face or head. It is advised that liquids should not be placed within the reach of kids.

  • Heating Devices.

It is probably seen that children face burn from hot water. They face accidents at home due to their innocence. Parents should keep heating devices away from children.  The water heater should be kept at 120 Degree Fahrenheit or lower to avoid any untoward situation.

  • Electronic Devices.

It is observed that electronic devices are heavier and more dangerous when connected with electricity. It should be made sure that electronic devices are kept away from water. Such devices could fall in by pulling.

  • Garage and Basement Area.

These areas are commonly used for storage purpose. Heavy objects are placed there. It refers to high risk of tripping over things. Make it sure that the path to walk in these areas are clear and secure.

  • Heavy Tools / Gadgets.

The power tools kept for home maintenance should be covered properly. Commonly it is seen that covers of such tools are not kept properly. The objective behind covering these tools by the company is to ensure safety.  As these tools are mostly heavy, that’s why these can cause serious injuries. Also make sure to keep such tools out of reach of the children.

  • Stairs.

Handrail helps to safely reach downstairs. It should be made sure that the handrail runs full length of the stairs. Carpet increases this security being resistant. It is necessary to avoid keeping rugs or mats at the beginning of the stairs. Outsider stair’s edge should be painted.

  • Cleaning Products.

Cleaning products such as soap, shampoo, detergents etc. should be placed at a safe and secure place. It is better to be placed in a safe cabinet with locks. High cabinets are more secure.

  • Fire adding agents.

There are many articles that help and add to fire. It should be ensured that fire adding agents are not stored where already fire is lit. While storing such material, fire alarms must be installed and effective steps should be taken to minimize the risk.

  1. Close Supervision

Parents should observed close supervision when toddler learns to walk. Toddler has nature to explore the objects around them. First of all the parents should keep heavy and electric objects away from toddler’s reach. In case the objects are present, then parents should keep a close supervision over toddler.

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