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Victoria Losea is the mother of Lina Marcela Medina who is known to be the most youthful mother in history conceiving an offspring at five years old years and seven months. Numerous hypotheses were going around with Lina around then, however Victoria Losea remained by her girl and aided her go through this changing body and unforgiving world. In this article, you will be familiar with the mysterious existence of Victoria Losea and how she dealt with the media and took care of her little girl well. Give this article a decent perused to have a deep understanding of her exhaustively.

Individual Life

Victoria Losea came into the spotlight when her girl Lina Medina got pregnant at five years old years. At the point when Victoria saw strange expanding in Lina’s midsection, she quickly told her significant other, Tiburelo Medina. They reached a doctor and looked into Lina’s pregnancy. This was profoundly extraordinary, and they took Lina to additional certified doctors. Each specialist affirmed a similar about her. Victoria was stunned however needed to deal with her girl. Afterward, when Lina was eight months pregnant, Victoria discussed her condition. Lina had her feminine cycle at three years old making her physically wonderful to consider a child.

Her girl brought forth a sound child in 1939 on Mother’s Day coincidently making her little girl the most youthful mother ever. There were a ton of intricacies because of her young age. Specialists proceeded the C-segment conveyance. Her grandson, Gerardo Medina was 2.7 kilograms at the hour of his introduction to the world.


Victoria Losea was a homemaker who battled a great deal to shield her little girl from the media. Her significant other Tiburelo Medina was a silversmith. She and her significant other were carrying on with a blissful life alongside their little girl however were focused on for her girl. Her profession as a homemaker didn’t give her any total assets, however her little girl gave her high acknowledgment for all tragic reasons.


The group of Victoria Losea involved her better half and her little girl Lina Medina. At the point when Lina got pregnant, it came as a shock to the world since it was impractical for a long time old to get pregnant. Numerous hypotheses were estimated by individuals during that time. Her better half, Tiburelo Medina was the great suspect in her girl’s assault, yet police tracked down no sign against him following seven days. They needed to deliver him. The subsequent suspect was Lina’s cousin who had mental issues however could do such a terrible wrongdoing. He was likewise delivered after the police tracked down insufficient proof against him.

The police likewise attempted to examine Lina concerning the wrongdoing within the sight of Victoria Losea, yet she couldn’t respond to any inquiries and got mistaken for everything occurring around her. Police had no proof against anybody, so they dropped the case. Nonetheless, there were sure hypotheses that in numerous towns in Peru, strict celebrations were held, and involved the assaulting of minors or small kids like Lina Medina.


There were no sensible hypotheses for the mishappening that happened with Lina Medina, yet Victoria Losea battled a ton to confront the world and safeguard her little girl’s guiltlessness. The assault of her girl caused her to flip out, however she must be sufficiently able to guarantee that her girl figures out how to carry on with a quiet life. Her life was distraught life since she confronted a great deal of hardships after her little girl’s pregnancy. It is honorable that Victoria safeguarded Lina’s security and never went after for any monetary benefit.

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