What Is a Staffing Agency and How staffing agencies work

staffing agency
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What Is a Staffing Agency?

Consider any famous company or organization. The next question would be, “what made the company successful?” A rational answer would be, “Staff.” It plays a key role to compete in the market. Everyone seems to be a soldier at boarder. For example, in marketing, planning, organizing and communicating with others, every individual stays loyal with his organization. At every stage of operations, they coordinate and work to achieve the organizational objective.
          Do you know:-

  1. What is staff?
  2. What is Staffing Agency?
  3. How staff is recruited?
  4. What makes the staff loyal?
  5. How revenue of a company boost?


It is considered by law a “company” as legal entity. Depending on its nature, it can sue any other legal entity/any person or be sued. Being an artificial person, staff works on its behalf. Contracts, agreements, MOUs and all other related actions are performed by the staff.

Staff in simple words, are those specific individuals working within an organization to achieve its objective. Objectives of either long or short term remain same, but staff varies due to promotion, transfer or turn out etc.

Staffing Agency

During World War II, when people were migrating to fight with army overseas. Resultantly, open positions were left in companies and markets. To keep an equilibrium between demand, and supply of staff, private agencies were established. These agencies were playing the role of a “middle man.”
Organizations were facing shortage of staff and people who stayed behind like women were searching for jobs. These agencies were connecting the two. Staffing agencies played a positive role in balancing the economy at that time.

Recruitment of Staff

It starts with recruitment plan of an organization. Recruitment plan describes the needs of staff, number of staff required, eligibility criteria, education and job related experience.

This process may start from campus recruitment, staffing agencies or publishing in any newspaper. Through this process, job applications are invited. Test/interview is conducted and staff is selected finally.


Loyalty is a psychological affection of staff with the organization conditioned with level of satisfaction. Satisfaction level is connected with the needs of an individual. The organization should pay enough remuneration or facilities to staff. This is the factor that binds the staff with organization emotionally and this acquaintance is called loyalty.


Recruitment process is of great importance. At this stage, a right person for the right job is searched. In fact, this would be the unit of an organization. It is directly linked with revenue generation. A right recruited person with loyalty will definitely result in revenue generation of the organization. Keep visiting our website.

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