Read Time:3 Minute, 1 Second Tracy Jones was a secretary at Calder Pinkston and Associates. Gail Spencer was an office manager who, having worked at the law firm for almost 10 years, had the authorization to handle wire transfers. Jones was prepared to move reserves yet couldn’t do as such without consent.

Consumed with insatiability and a longing for a speedy payday, Jones hatched an arrangement to take cash from the firm’s escrow account. She selected Michael Brett Kelly, his cousin Courtney Kelly, and his companion Keith Anthony Dozier. The plan included capturing and burglary, yet it culminated in the sexual assault and murder of Gail Spencer.

Michael is carrying out his punishment of existence without any chance to appeal at Hancock State Prison

Michael Brett Kelly, then, at that point, a 19-year-old, conceded to the murder of Gail Spencer to keep away from the death penalty. The arrangement obligated Kelly to affirm against Jones, Courtney, and Dozier.

Tracy Jones and Courtney Kelly joined Michael in conceding to crime murder. In November 2013, Bibb Predominant Court Judge Tillman Self condemned the threesome to life in prison; Courtney could get parole. Head prosecutor David Cooke said (per 41 WMGT):

“We’re only grateful to have the option to get equity for Gail Spencer and for her family and the local area on three out of the four litigants. Had the attorney not become ill recently, we would’ve wrapped these people up about a month prior.”

Keith Anthony Dozier stood preliminary. Like Tracy and Michael, Dozier was condemned to existence without any chance to appeal. Dozier engaged the Georgia High Court, which maintained his murder conviction and prison sentence.

The records show that Michael hasn’t challenged his request or sentence. He is incarcerated at Hancock State Prison, where, excepting an exchange, he will use whatever might remain of his life.

Keith Dozier affirmed that he attempted to prevent Michael from killing Gail

On fifth October 2012, Keith, Tracy, and Micheal headed to Gail’s home. Tracy hoodwinked Gail into permitting her into the house by guaranteeing she expected to utilize the bathroom and settle on a telephone decision. Gail saw Tracy as a believed colleague who required help, so she let Tracy in.

While inside, Tracy messaged Micheal, whom she was dating, to enter the home. Michael and Dozier burst in wearing ski covers and assessed the house to guarantee no other person was available. Tracy message her manager from Gail’s home to say that Gail couldn’t come to work since she was debilitate.

Courtney showed up and drove Tracy to the law firm, where she moved about $885,000 to accounts in Courtney’s name. At the house, Micheal and Keith attached Spencer to a seat.

Michael, who had a gun, sodomized Gail and attempted to suffocate her with a cushion. In the wake of fizzling, Michael left the room and conversed with Keith, who asserted he attempted to prevent Michael from killing Gail. Michael returned into the room and suffocated Gail with a plastic sack.

The pair went out at 4:00 p.m. Neighbors thought something was not right when they tracked down their canine outside, yet Gail had consented to give the canine access. The police constrained their direction into the house and tracked down Gail dead.

Courtney escaped without sharing the cash, inciting Tracy to execute two more wire transfers, bringing the aggregate sum taken to about $1.3 million. A tip drove police to Michael, who directed them toward his assistants.

Keith said killing Gail was not piece of the arrangement, and affirmed Michael constrained him into remaining as he sodomized and murdered Gail.

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