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Yasin Cengiz is a Turkish TikTok Star and virtual entertainment character who has a net worth of $1 Million. He is best perceived for his dance video which circulated around the web on TikTok. Yasin is right now one of the rising stars on the stage.

He has figured out how to turn the tune “Dom” by Biser Ruler into one of the most popular melodies right now on TikTok. Following his victories, Yasin proceeded to collab huge famous people which assisted him with acquiring considerably greater prevalence.

Cengiz’s ascent to distinction is downright momentous. He was a common laborer and his exceptional dance transformed him into a tycoon. He has turned into a rising superstar on TikTok and his dance permitted him to make a net worth of $1 million.

What is Yasin Cengiz Net Worth?

Early Life

Yasin Cengiz was brought into the world on January first, 1990, in the nation of Turkey. He was raised by a working class family. Growing up he started working a regular position in the field of horticulture in Antalya.

During his business day, he had gathered crops in the Turkish open country, all while putting forth a valiant effort to keep his numerous companions engaged. Yasin was gifted with one of the greatest stomachs as well as complete capacity over its control, making perhaps of the most fascinating dance.


Yasin originally joined TikTok in mid 2021. Throughout the following year, he delivered a progression of recordings from his working environment. Every one of his recordings flaunted his extraordinary body control while participating in using ranch gear. These clasps have practically north of 5 Million perspectives.

Yasin came to the spotlight in April of 2022, when he tracked down without a doubt the ideal melody to finish his stream. Since however much fun as it seemed to be watching Yasin roll his paunch around to a progression of various beats, no music matched up to his rhythms very as impeccably as Biser Ruler’s single “Dom.”

Before the authority arrival of the tune, Biser Ruler transferred a video of them performing it live to TikTok toward the finish of January 2022. That clasp proceeded to procure 18 million perspectives in less than a year. This foundation track started coursing in a TikTok sensation.

Forward leap

Yasin involved Baiser’s tune in his clasp and transferred it on TikTok. It turned into the most predominant pattern of the utilization of “Dom.” Yasin moved past 28 million perspectives on his rendition of the interpretive dance cut in only three months.

In the wake of going more popular than he at any point could envision, it appears recordings kept on piling up sees. He consistently gathered 20 million perspectives for each clasp. In April 2022 Yasin secured himself as one of the rising stars.

In the next month, he took his noteworthy moving abilities to individuals. He routinely communicated with the occupants he met en route in places like Istanbul as well as Abu Dhabi.

Before long enough he started gathering other Turkish superstars like Chef CZN Burak. The two worked together in Yasin’s best TikTok. That video procured north of 95 million perspectives in 7 months. Yasin started collaborating with brands like Daim Tobacco, which paid him undeniably more than he made during his normal everyday employment on the potato ranch.

Profession Features

  • “Dom,” (TikTok Clasp, 2021)
  • Procuring north of 5 million devotees on TikTok as well as more than 80 million preferences in under a year
  • His cooperative video with Chef CZN Burak got 95 million perspectives

Yasin Cengiz Net Worth

Yasin Cengiz is a TikTok star, content maker, and virtual entertainment character from Turkey. He rose to notoriety after his TikTok cut “Dom” was transferred in April 2022. He made a name for himself on the internet through his abilities.

Yasin is a far richer man now than he at any point was. A few internet based reports emerging out of Turkey recommended he’s transformed himself into a mogul. It’s all because of his relationship with only one track. Starting around 2023, Yasin Cengiz’s net worth is assessed to be $1 Million.

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